Expressways To Learning (Monthly)


Abba’s Child Learning Center offers the following Expressways to Learning® programs, both at our learning center and for use in your home:
1) Expressways To Reading® teaches reading, spelling, handwriting, and comprehension.
2) Expressways To Math® offers three levels of math help including word problems.
3) QuikComp® increases comprehension, vocabulary, and speed of reading.
4) AdVocab® increases vocabulary while improving spelling, focus, and visual skills.
ETL programs are normally used 4 or 5 times per week for 1 hour each time. Program access is rented on a monthly basis.

  • Details

    Expressways to Learning® can be used by students in their own home, with oversight by a parent or other "teacher". Abba's Child Learning Center staff provide initial training for the student and parent, monitoring through the online records portal, and ongoing support and guidance, as needed.