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HearBuilder (One-Time Fee)

HearBuilder (One-Time Fee)

HearBuilder is accessed through software that is loaded onto your computer(s). There is also an app available for use with an Apple or Android tablet You must be connected to the internet to use the program. You can access HearBuilder online from any device that has it installed. Your individual profile and progress records are stored online and accessed using your username and password. As soon as your order is received, you will receive a welcome email with a link to download the program to your computer. Once you have the program set up, our staff will customize the program to help your child obtain the greatest benefit HearBuilder.
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    Builds auditory processing skills in 4 areas: Auditory Memory, following Following Directions, Phonological Awareness, and Sequencing. Game format provides an easy way for children to build skills, without boring drills.
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