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ESL tutoring


Anyone can receive effective help from Abba's Child Learning Center without coming to the Center. However, for those who are able to come to our Center, there are some additional options available. Abba's Child Learning Center is located in Mesa, Arizona.


In addition to submitting the screening questionnaires, local students can also come to the Center for an assessment.  This process will more accurately reveal the degree and nature of academic delays and provide a more specific definition of the learning problems involved.  An assessment requires about 3 hours with the student. 


Once the assessment report has been written, there will be a meeting with the parent(s) to explain the assessment results in detail.  In that meeting, we will make program recommendations for resolving learning problems, catching up academically, and restoring confidence.  If you are interested in obtaining an in-person assessment, please Contact Us to schedule an appointment. 


Center-Based Remediation

The programs provided through Abba’s Child Learning Center are all designed to be used by families or teachers who have been trained to implement the program(s).  This method has been used so effectively, that it is the most common approach chosen for our students.  The family receives the advantage of saving both transportation time and the cost of paying for professional services. 


However, some families prefer to have services provided by Abba's Child staff.  Those families may schedule ongoing sessions in the Center.  If you are interested in this approach, you may discuss it with us in advance, or simply express your desires during your meeting to discuss the assessment results.


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