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Integrated Listening Systems


Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) is a powerful therapeutic intervention that brings life transforming change for people struggling with ADD/ADHD, reading problems/dyslexia, speech problems, auditory processing disorder, autistic spectrum disorders, and other learning problems.  It produces dramatic improvement in the following academic and life skills:

Girl with auditory therapy headphones
  • Reading and academic performance

  • Listening and following directions

  • Effective communication

  • Speech clarity and delays

  • Sensory motor skills

  • Attention, concentration, and organization

  • Social and emotional skills

The iLs program combines the most effective auditory therapy technology with techniques drawn from the field of occupational therapy.  It can be easily and enjoyably used in your own home or classroom.  iLs students spend 60 minutes listening to specially engineered music loaded on an iPod.  During 20 minutes of the session, the student engages in exercises designed to improve the client’s balance, coordination, and sensory integration.  During the rest of the session they may do a wide variety of activities of their own choosing.  Abba’s Child Learning Center provides training and support to enable you to obtain dramatic improvement with minimal cost and inconvenience. 


The basic program is 40 sessions of one hour each.  For many people, this will be all they need to do.  For people with more substantial issues, such as autistic spectrum disorder, it is beneficial to do many more sessions.  The iLs Focus equipment can be purchased or rented. 


To see whether iLs will be helpful for you, complete the Auditory Processing Screening on the screening page.  For more information about the iLs program, please contact us.

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