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Quick Steps to Reading Teacher's Manual
Successful boy reader


Quick Steps To Reading is Quick and Easy

3 Simple Steps + 8 Rules = Reading Success


Quick Steps To Reading enables students to:

  • Apply 8 rules in 3 simple steps

  • Bring order to the confusing, inconsistent written English language

  • Easily decode words of any length and complexity

  • Focus time and energy on building vocabulary and comprehension

  • Experience the joy of reading

  • Learn any subject more quickly

Quick Steps To Reading is:

  • Fast – success is measured in days and weeks, not months and years

  • Effective – struggling students become competent, confident readers

  • Affordable – this inexpensive program can easily be used by parents at home or quickly taught by a teacher

  • Fun – students enjoy successfully applying this powerful technique


Quick Steps to Reading has been used successfully by children, teens, adults, ESL learners, and those with dyslexia and other learning problems.

If you would like more information about Quick Steps to Reading, please contact us.

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