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Reading English as a Second Language

ESL students reading
Learning to read English is a major challenge for many new English speakers, but . . .
it doesn't need to be hard.
Quick Steps to Reading makes it easy to master reading English.

Quick Steps to Reading is an invaluable resource for any non-native English speaker learning to read the English language.  Those who teach conversational English for non-native speakers will find that Quick Steps to Reading can easily be added to their curriculum, creating great added value for very little additional time and effort on their part. 


Quick Steps to Reading enables anyone to easily decode and pronounce 85 to 90 percent of the words in the English language.  This system teaches the sounds of specific combinations of letters, along with 8 rules, and 3 steps.  Part of the genius of Quick Steps to Reading is that it has enough rules to handle most words, while keeping it simple enough to be easily learned and remembered. 


The Quick Steps to Reading program comes with a CD with the correct pronunciation of all the essential vowel sounds, combinations, and blends.  Within a matter of few days to a few weeks, mature motivated students can learn to read words of any length and complexity.  Their energies can then focus on building vocabulary and comprehension.


Jerry Coker, the developer of Quick Steps to Reading, tells the story of teaching his system to two Chinese women, who had only a basic grasp of spoken English.  The Chinese language is written pictorially, oriented vertically, and read from right to left, so written English presented some special challenges for them.  Jerry spent about five hours teaching them the combinations, the eight rules, and the three steps, and was delighted when they picked up an English language newspaper and each read to him with correct pronunciation.

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