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Effective Help For Reading and Learning Problems

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remediation techniques at home.


Start any time, on your own schedule, at your own speed.

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Train The Brain To

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Train the Brain - The Key to Success

  • More than one in four students struggles academically.  Most of these students are bright, yet very frustrated.


  • Traditional tutoring and special education programs generally do not resolve learning problems or create confident, independent learners.


  • Brain-based remediation programs build the cognitive skills essential for academic success.  These skills  include auditory and visual processing, attention and concentration, memory, and sensory integration.


  • With strong cognitive skills, students process information quickly and accurately, and the frustrating symptoms of dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, and autistic spectrum disorders are dramatically reduced or eliminated.


  • Abba's Child Learning Center makes state-of-the-art programs available in your own home over the internet -- programs that are: Fast, Effective, Affordable, and even Fun. 


  • Our free screening and consultation process will help you identify the best approach for your student.


  • Abba's Child Learning Center helps students to:

    • Catch-up academically, and often excel, in Reading, Comprehension, and Spelling

    • Become confident, independent learners


  • Our effective programs are available to help students anywhere in the world.  We provide Distance Learning Services to everyone and Center-Based Services to students in the Mesa, Arizona area. 

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