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Juice Plus+ Nourishes the Brains of Picky Eaters

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Parents of children with learning problems often identify their child as a “picky eater” with junk food cravings. These children simply refuse to eat a balanced, healthy diet, no matter what the parent tries. With parents being confronted with an array of demands on their time, energy, and patience, establishing a healthy diet may lose out to other issues that seem more pressing. Parents often say, “I guess I’ve just had to learn to pick my battles.” Unfortunately, failing to address the issue of adequate nutrition can make it much more difficult to resolve children’s learning challenges.

For children to function successfully academically, emotionally, and socially, they need healthy brains - and healthy brains need good nutrition. For children who eat primarily processed foods and junk food, the intake of essential nutrients is grossly inadequate. Poor nutrition has been associated with a variety of issues impacting a child’s success in school, including:

  • Focus and attention problems

  • Hyperactivity

  • Poor memory

  • Emotional instability, moodiness, and irritability

  • School absenteeism due to frequent illnesses

  • Low energy and stamina

  • Sleep problems

  • Hypersensitivity to sound, touch, or light

At Abba’s Child Learning Center, we have always encouraged parents to make healthy diet changes – increasing the intake of raw fruits and vegetables and decreasing or eliminating most processed foods and sugar. We believe the benefits from these changes are well worth the effort. Unfortunately, many families have been unable or unwilling to make these changes.

Now we have found a quick, easy, and affordable approach that makes good nutrition dramatically easier. Juice Plus+ is made from a rich combination of fruits and vegetables. The chewable “gummy” version tastes so good that children eat it like candy, even though it’s low in sugar. Produce is picked when fully ripe, at the point of greatest nutritional value. The produce is quickly juiced and dehydrated at low temperatures to retain the nutrients and enzymes.

While there is no substitute for eating a healthy diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables, Juice Plus+ can help during the transition to a healthier diet. We have heard many stories of children developing a taste for fruits and vegetables in preference to processed and junk foods, while taking this product. And, there is a wealth of research documenting the positive effects of using Juice Plus+. For more information on this topic, see our Nutrition page and our Juice Plus+ website.

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